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Launching ceremony of ISO9001 project of Ningbo KNP Lighting Co., Ltd.

Time:2020-11-09 Click:1315

IIn order to further standardize the company's management and form a standardized operation and management mode, the company started from a strategic perspective and signed an agreement with China Quality Certification Center (CQC) in March 2020 to introduce the ISO9001:2015 quality management system. After 8 months of preparation and operation, the company officially started the audit work on November 2, 2020.

At the launching ceremony, Wang Jiwei, general manager of the company, presided over and delivered a speech. At the meeting, the management representatives, heads of various departments and consultants of quality system consulting company made speeches in turn. General manager Wang Jiwei made a mobilization speech at the launching ceremony. He solemnly announced that the launching ceremony of ISO 9001 quality management system of Ningbo KNP Lighting Co., Ltd. officially started! Since the establishment of the quality management system in March this year, the company has overcome difficulties, practiced hard, and improved the management level during the epidemic period. Meanwhile, the company should constantly improve the awareness of customer service and quality management, coordinate, supervise and review the internal and external affairs of the company, consolidate the requirements of ISO into daily work and form good working habits.

According to GB/t19001-202016, the expert group adopted: 1. Look at the site, production supporting facilities and production process flow; 2. Look at documents, including quality manual, procedure documents, production plan, relevant operation procedures, etc.; 3. Ask questions, that is, all relevant issues within the scope of their own work; 4. Check records, and inquire all kinds of records related to product quality and sales, such as production report, contract, inspection record, process record and other control process. All of the above issues have been strictly and carefully examined by the expert group. After the inspection and verification of the audit team, we fully understand the basic situation of our company, and verify the conformity, suitability and continuous effectiveness of the company's quality management system. The final examination result is: our company has passed the audit and certification of quality management system successfully.

The goal of the company is not only to obtain a quality certification certificate, but also to follow ISO in the future work to standard implementation of standardized management, continuous discovery of quality system and service in the presence of unqualified factors, improve the company's rules and regulations and work processes, establish an effective mechanism for continuous improvement, so as to continuously improve the management level and service quality, so as to bring better service for customers, better meet user requirements, and improve user satisfaction.